Chris Luedtke

Data Scientist · Civic Technologist · Creative

A web application to explore earthquake events, prediction, and impact

application data visualization gis machine learning

Chicago LED Transit Map

A Map of live CTA train locations hosted on Raspberry Pi

chicago data visualization embedded systems gis machine learning

Color Sudoku Solver

A deep neural network trained from scratch

computer vision embedded systems machine learning


An NLP web application to predict the Twitter author of any user-submitted text

application machine learning nlp

The Ultimate Day of Chicago Bikeshare

Analysis of 17 million rides over 6 years

application chicago data visualization gis

Busy-Beaver Release Announcement

Increasing Community Engagement with Python

application chipy talks

Implementing Python at an AmeriCorps Nonprofit

ChiPy Mentorship Finale

chipy chipy mentorship talks

Team Creation with Simulated Annealing

Solution for City Year AmeriCorps Members

algorithms application machine learning

Bait and Switch

ChiPy Mentorship Blog 3 of 3

chipy chipy mentorship

Into the Weeds

ChiPy Mentorship Blog 2 of 3

chipy chipy mentorship

Finding the Question

ChiPy Mentorship Blog 1 of 3

chipy chipy mentorship

How to Embed Python Code from a Jupyter Notebook

The super easy way